Time for a positive change?

24 Sep

Now in its third year, the National Literacy Trust’s annual national survey explores young people’s attitudes towards all aspects of literacy. This year we are taking part in the survey which looks at attitudes towards reading and writing, and the extent to which children and young people engage in literacy activities at home with their family. It will also explore young people’s views about speaking and listening; how important they think it is and why they should bother with it. Given the emphasis on literacy and reading in the last two years, this could provide more positive feedback and help us to continue to foster more positive attitudes. The survey will be online, and will take about 30 minutes to complete, between 12 November and 7 December 2012. It can be set as homework for some of our more independent students.

It would be galling to discover that few of our efforts are making any difference to our students’ attitudes towards reading, writing and speaking. To a large extent, the rationale behind Magazine! addresses the gap between functionality, necessity, and fun. Our enthusiasm and our reminders that communication is the key to success (however modest) in the future,  are what could help to bring about positive change in the way that our students view books, authors, reading, writing, blogging and… well, communicating.

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