New year… new skills….

28 Aug

don' t panicThe new academic year heralds a change to Skills sessions across both Junior and Senior Academies. Tracy Hart takes on the oversight of Skills in Junior Academy and Katherine Blueman takes it on for Senior Academy. Along with my input for Literacy, Sue Squires and Sven Rees will provide materials and resources for PSHE across the school. We hope that this will provide a balanced and relevant tutor-led Skills curriculum for all our students.  Posts will focus on aspects of our teaching and our students’ learning and how we can engage them to consider their wider world and the importance of being able to communicate in it. Please scroll through previous posts – lots of groovy info on reading, boys, feedback, book trailers (LOVE THEM) and little literacy nuggets.

First off this term will be your own – your very own – literacy e-box, downloadable resources to support you and your tutees with everyday literacy and reading for pleasure. Watch.This.Post.


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