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Here are the session plans and ppts for Term 3.

Jan – skills – Activity 1

Jan – Skills – Session 1

Jan – Skills – Session 2

Jan – Skills – Session 3

Jan – Skills – Session 4

Jan – Skills – Session 5

Jan – Skills – Session 6

Jan – skills – worksheet 2


Skills Sessions 1-2Jan 2013

Skills Sessions 3-4

Skills Sessions 5-6

Skills Archive

Here you will find resources to help you and your tutees with the various aspects of writing for the first edition of the Magazine. All powerpoints and session plans will remain on the Year Group pages.

Travel Writing: 50 Best Blogs for travel writing here: Travel Writing Blogs. Lots of examples to share with students – some are relatively simple (especially the ones about travelling with a family) while others might suit more able students. You could show the simpler ones to some students on the board while others look for themselves on the iPad or computers.

You could also look at these two extracts from Bill Bryson, fairly simple but humorous, and encourage students to think along similar lines. Bill Bryson 1 and Bill Bryson 2

The Telegraph link that Jenny emailed is here.


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