Mayo….. Maaaaaayo…… daylight com an’ I ….. oh forget it

2 Sep

Cheeky little Simon Mayo, loved him on Radio 1 when I was growing up in the 19th century. Well, now he’s got a book out and it’s a winner for boys. The trailer is brilliant. Sally should have a copy in the library soon so if you’d like to pick it up and read bits and pieces to your groups (Yr 7 and up should be fine), you may well be rewarded with rapt attention. As ever though, read it first….


Apostrophes are just commas on drugs

24 Aug

I’m not mentioning the weather. Instead, I shall point KS4 to some new Skills resources for Term 1, and an invitation to choose your tutor group reader. Just leave your request on the KS4 page and I’ll pick it up.

KS3 – MAGAZINE! ¬†is taking shape and your handbook awaits on the Trolley of Life on your return. Though it might be a teeny bit late as Jon’s taking next week off. I’ve had words.

Have a good bank holiday break – here’s what it will look like in my head:

Just getting changed…

15 Jun

Welcome to the new look skills site. I  wanted to make it clearer and easier for everyone to navigate Рand you can leave comments for me or for each other too.

This term’s literacy focus is Boys and Literacy – ideas on how to engage boys (especially level 3/4) up on the noticeboard in the staffroom. Please also take copies of the book lists and the competitions – regularly updated.

Brilliant children’s book The History Keepers by Damian Dibben – one to show your tutor group. Good for boys!